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Billing & Reimbursement

Know How Payment Systems Really Work

Feel like you're missing the big picture? Clarity Coding provides helpful, comprehensive overviews of how Medicare's payment systems work, including DRGs, RBRVS, APCs and ambulatory surgical center fee schedule. The in-services review both the coding and payment components of these systems, in just the right depth to give you the full picture without giving you the intricate accounting details.

Also try our "Codes to Cash" in-service for a step-by-step overview of the billing and reimbursement process from the time the record is coded to the time the provider cashes the check.

We can create an in-service presentation on any topic you like. We'll discuss it with you in depth and then create a custom presentation to meet your specific needs. We can also incorporate specific examples from your facility or practice into existing in-services on current topics.